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So. I'm going to try and Critique this as best as my brain will allow me! Starting off with the good things. I love the expressions and...


So. . .


I've not been here in such a long while. I've finally worked my way through 800 messages, and I'm sorry if I didn't reply to you if I didn't. I just had way too many and I couldn't handle the pressure of replying at the moment.


I'm mostly back. University's internet is crappy so I tend not to get on there. We just moved houses as well, so I just got internet back after a month now. A lot has happened since I was last here. We now live on a 55 acre farm, it's beautiful. Um. . .mom had her surgery and is finally walking again. She's healed enough now that she could even go back to parttime work. We're still fighting disability though to pay retroactively so that we can afford the hospital bills for the surgery. At one point before the surgery, she had got so bad that she had no reflexes whatsoever in her legs. After surgery, the doctor said that it was a good thing he got it now because the damage was extensive - in fact, he wished he'd known it was that bad because he never would have tried anything other than immediate surgery.


As for me. . .well, I'm getting better. I know I tend to dance around a lot on my problems, but I'm working on it now. I've started to get counseling and I'm going to the doctor. I was diagnosed with major depression, PTSD and another anxiety disorder. . .I'm seeing two counselors and I've been getting better, I suppose. I don't feel like I'm in as dark as a place I was in when I left DA unexpectedly a few months ago. I'm going to the doctor for the constant pain I have in my arm, hips and legs finally too. . .let's hope they can figure out what it is, because they haven't made a diagnoses yet.


Um. . .So I'm mostly back. I might post a few things, little comics/mangas I've been working on maybe. . .I don't know yet. I don't have a cord for my scanner this semester so we'll see. . .that and I think the size of my pages digitally might not work on DA (seeing as it won't anywhere else). I'm mostly busy right now with end of the semester projects in Japanese 102 and Japanese Culture Class. . .I might share the culture class project. We have to do a creative work inspired by anything we've read in class. We'll see.


Hope everyone is well, and that this isn't a downer. <3


Small Update?

I went to the doctor today for my pain. I finally have a doctor who listens and is patient and listens. She did all the tests instead of brushing me off and finally came up with a diagnosis that actually fits all symptoms. First off I've hypermobility that's causing me to end up hurting myself because I don't realize that I'm past a normal range of motion. I can move my limbs/bend at my joints further than most should, basically. She also diagnosed me with fibromylgia, which I fit the symptoms for. Combined, that means that my extended range of motion is actually triggering pain from the fibromylgia which is why I'm in far too much pain for 5-6 years now. . .So I'm now on medication to manage the pain and also have to do aquatic therapy. I'm just glad that I know what it is now. I know I'll never be able to be rid of the pain, but I hope that now I can at least manage it and improve my life.

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